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I often wonder whoever came up with the idea of aprons? We have to admit it was a pretty good one.

I can't imagine the clothing that I would have ruined if I hadn't started wearing an apron.

Between bleach stains and grease splatters,and plain old dirty messy chores that destroy our clothes.

So if you're like me you decided it was smarter to just put your apron on and save time trying to get the splatters out.

I admit I have a couple of those bulky, huge size fits all aprons in my kitchen,but I wanted something cuter and I was really drawn to vintage apron patterns and the vintage styles my grandmother always wore.

That pretty much sums up why I began making aprons and the patterns.

The only catch for me was that even though I still loved the vintage aprons I also was having loads of fun creating different aprons for different occasions and then of course there was my niece and nephew and Christmas was so close...

Well, the whole apron thing was a runaway train and the fun had just started,and I'm still at it.

I also love free stuff and sharing ideas is either a passion or I'm addicted or both?

Which is why I have some great patterns that you can purchase, but I also have many free apron patterns.

So check out both and enjoy the free apron pattern downloads.

Visit often and please share your ideas and apron stories.The fun is in the sharing.

Needles up,Lori

A list of free apron patterns

Four Block Apron Crayon kids apron
Dishtowel Apron Snowman Apron
Flower Power Jean Apron Path of the Bee Apron
Polka Dot Bunny kids apron Simple Santa his and her Aprons

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