Vintage Apron Patterns - "Petals"

Do you love this ? It's so girly.

I've always liked those aprons that look like upside down flowers, they're very vintage but I also wanted something new. So here it is. A vintage apron pattern just for today.

There are 3 layers of sweet sashaying ruffle. The shape flares slightly out at the bottom so a nice elongated, slimming look is the result. This is a fairly easy to make apron, and would be just fine for the inspired. I only used two colors but you could easily use three.

This only took a few hours from start to finish to make. Petals would be a great weekend project. I am working on the instructions for the kids apron to match.

All of the fabric and supplies were purchased at Joann Fabrics.

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Vintage Apron Petals

Vintage Apron Petals

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