Meet Lori

I'm one of those woman who loves to flip through magazines and search the web to get inspiration.

Looking at others creations for brainstorm fuel is absolutely my idea of a great time.Everywhere I look,everywhere I go I find inspiration.

So I got hooked and wanted to share, which is the reason this website exists,my ideas and a young tireless web designer named Luiz.

It will never be complete because art and creativity are never complete.

Even if each of us mastered the entire craft and fabric store, became perfect bakers and gardeners someone would have an aha moment and we'd be off and running again.

In short, I am you, with a husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats and my stuff.

I am here to share my stuff and to coax other creative types to share theirs.

When I got started I must admit that I was on my own and alone.

I had no idea where to start and even fewer ideas as to how.

The people I most admired were busy and far away or so it seemed.

I read success story after success story but no one I actually knew had any success and of course my friends were looking at me like I was crazy, but I just had to move forward.

Tired of the rut,the dissatisfaction of my business I wanted to explore what I loved.

Do I still believe that someday I may catch on to the internet and all the workings that you must understand to turn it into a business,yes.

However, I do not recommend that you give up your day job...not just yet.

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