Kids Apron Alaina's Overalls

A Kids Apron for our newest family member Alaina, she was born yesterday which was St. Patricks Day. Alaina weighed 6 lbs, 3 ozs. I had these little bibs that I had turned into an apron of sorts and now you know the rest. I'll have to save them for a few years for her to get to wear them.

Congratulations to mom and dad, Brett and Corey.

A kids Apron can be added to overalls easily enough. Now, because you probably won't have the same size little one, use these instructions I have here as a starting point.

Kids aprons - alainas overalls

  1. If you look close at my pics you'll see that I used some lingerie lace as the apron, you'll also see that I used some stretchy nylon for the belt.Because of the fabric choice there was no need to hem the apron or the belt. This was an easy project and a really cute way to alter a regular pair of overalls.
  2. The only other part I have is 2 pieces of ribbon.1 piece was 11 inches long and the other piece was 18 inches long.

kids aprons - overalls

kids aprons - overalls

Kids Apron Instructions

  1. I measured across the front of the overalls. Don't go around the sides because it will interfere with putting them on.
  2. I used lingerie fabric because it was very light and stretchy.
  3. So I measured across the front and because the lace was so light I tripled the amount so 12 inches became 36 inches of lace. I decided that I didn't want the apron so long that it would interfere with crawling, so I kept the apron short enough that it would stay on the lap.

    I turned down the top edge 1 inch to create a casing, I ran the finished belt through and gathered the apron, making sure that it extended only across the front and not around to the sides. Then I attached the top of the casing by hand stitching it to the overalls. I brought the belt around to the back, ran it through the belt loops and tied the ends together.
  4. The stretch belt is 2 pieces that are 3 inches wide x 30 inches long. This is a stretchy lingerie fabric so there is some give to it.
  5. The roses are simply pink ribbon formed in a circle to create a flower look. Then just place a few threads to keep it from flying apart and sew it down.

Remember to buy lace according to your overalls. Mine are a toddler size.

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