Vintage Apron Sewing Pattern - "The Bandana Apron"

An apron sewing pattern for a quick and easy apron that's a treat for you and perfect if you are playing hostess.

I love these bandanas, There so fun to be creative with.

Another thing sewing enthusiasts. If you have some leftover buttons from a coat or how about an old cushion from a couch or chair don't just take it to the landfill. Cut those buttons off.

vintage apron pattern - bandana apron

You can recover them or paint them with some acrylics. True you may want to remove them before tossing them in the washer, but there are many unique things you could use them for. Such as for attaching your ties. ; ) on this little project.

Recycling doesn't mean it can't be better the second time around.

Use your head, that's why it was put on top.

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