Cute Aprons from Old Jeans

Need an idea for making Cute Aprons?

Ever get tired of throwing things away?

Good,I may just have the perfect Cute Aprons idea,ever.

Here is a use for those favorite old jeans that you have been saving.

Itoo had been keeping this especially worn pair of white denim jeans for a few years,as I had been planning on using them to make an apron,but just never got around to doing it.

Up popped this gingham apron sew along thing,and I had promised myself,no more fabric now what?

After the better part of two weeks,and still no clear idea of exactly what I wanted to do for the Gingham Apron Sew Along-well lets just say I ran across those old tattered jeans for the last time.

Digging through my stored stash of fabric,I have to admit I did not find much in the way of gingham,but I found enough and in colors I really liked.

The word here is finally,finally I turned those old whites into an apron,finally I did not go back on heading to the fabric store for MORE FABRIC,and finally I had a new apron,from something I loved.

This is an apron I will use.

It is lightweight,matches my kitchen,and has deep pockets,that only come from old, higher waisted, five pocket jeans.

This is one of those times that sticking to my guns really paid off for me.

White Denim Jeans Repurposed

Cute Aprons-Denim and Gingham Apron

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