The Diner Apron

Remember when every town had a diner? The first thing you noticed when you walked in was the smell of coffee.The clinking of the white china cups, the coffee and the desserts spinning in the carousel on the counter.You slid into a booth with some worn vinyl and here came the waitress with menus and a pot of coffee. Always the same no matter the town.Stares,smiling waitress and coffee.Settle in, breakfast is on it's way.

free apron pattern - sweet petite apron

Material List for apron body and waist tie:

  • 5/8 yard of fabric for the larger outside apron body
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for the smaller interior apron body
  • 3/4 yard of fabric for the waist ties

  • Pocket fabric and trims:

  • Two different colored 9x9 inch scraps for the pocket(see pic)
  • Two tiny scraps for the flower at pocket center
  • 1-1/8 yards of medium rick rack for the small interior apron
  • 1-3/8 yards of rick rack for the larger exterior apron
  • Thread to match
  • Optional contrasting thread

Making your Free apron patterns Diner Apron:

Gather all of your materials before you begin,it will make the process alot more fun.

  1. Cut out all pieces-1 of each apron size and two pocket pieces, in two different colors.
  2. The flowers are free form-I used 3 different pieces, 2 larger and one smaller for the center.My largest flower is approximately 2-1/4 inches across, my small flower is approximately 1-1/4 inch across. The edges are pinked.
  3. I stacked the three flowers sections and at the center of the small one I used a decorative machine stitch to make several passes.I also used a stitch to secure at the center. If you look closely you will see a cross-stitch 'x' at the centermost point.
  4. Place the two pockets right sides together.Pin and sew 3/8 of an inch seam around edge. LEAVE OPEN AT TOP FLAT EDGE TO TURN.Turn and work out edges.
  5. Press pocket and turn the straight opening to the inside.
  6. On the straight flat edge of your pocket do a decorative topstitch to close.
  7. Now with edge turned down and the topstitch complete, place your flower at pocket corner, attach as you would a button.
  8. Pin your pocket to the apron front, position to the right or left as you prefer and sew around the sides and bottom to attach.Run a few extra back and forth stitches at the corner to secure.
  9. Turn the edges (excluding top edge) of both aprons to the inside 1/2 inch,press,turn in again and baste to secure.
  10. Sew in place your rick rack choices to both the large and small apron sections.
  11. Remove the previous baste stitches if desired.
  12. Run a gathering stitch at the top of your SMALLER APRON and gather just until it aligns perfectly with the sides/top of the larger apron section.
  13. Baste 3/8 of an inch at top edge to secure.
  14. Waistband-5 inches wide x a total of 72 inch long bias. You will be creating a strip that is this long to accommodate the waste tie. Cut your fabric on the bias. Sew the sections together to obtain this length.
  15. When bias is complete, turn the short ends to the inside 1/2 inch,press. Turn each long side to the inside 1/2 inch and press well.
  16. Find center of waist tie, find center of large aprons top edge.
  17. With one long edge, of the right side of center of waist tie and apron top center matching, place the right side of waist tie to the right side of the top of apron edge.
  18. Pin the long edges of the tie together and machine sew along lengths.
  19. NOTE:where the tie is now at the interior of the top of apron, you may want to sew this down using a needle and thread.It gives a neater appearance.

free apron pattern - diner apron

diner apron pocket step one

diner apron pocket details

diner apron pocket close up

diner apron attach waistband

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