Disposable Apron from Irene... Irene's Garden Apron

This disposable apron is a must for the woman that wants to look her best when doing the necessaries.

You can adorn this apron as little or as much as you like. Extra pockets, wild fabrics, additional trim. Your friends are without a doubt going to want to know where you got this apron. When you tell them you made it, and unless they're a seamstress, you are all that and the only one that's got this special creation.

It'll give that nosey neighbor something to talk about.

Disposable apron by Irene

Disposable Apron "Irene" Material Supply List

  • 1 yard of medium weight plastic is all you need for this disposable apron you can get this at Joann Fabrics
  • Waist tie and pocket cuff- 1 yard of lavender polka dotted cotton
  • Pocket,neck ties,bodice trim - 1/2 yard of coordinating cotton fabric

disposable apron Irene

disposable apron Irene

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