Free Apron Patterns - The Big Pocket Waist

free apron pattern - the big waist

Free Apron Patterns Big Pocket Waist Apron Material Supply List

  • 1 yard of cotton fabric
  • 2 yards of 1.5 inch grosgrain ribbon
  • 2 feet of ribbon or decorative trim 1/2 inch wide
  • Thread to match
  • Invisible marking pen or tailors chalk very helpful

Free Apron Patterns-Big Pocket Waist Apron Instructions

  1. Cut one piece of fabric 24 inches wide x 36 inches long
  2. Apron Body: At top edge AND at hem edge press 1/4 of an inch to the inside, press down, fold down again the same width and sew down.
  3. Lay the apron body out flat on a table so you can easily work.
  4. From top-measure down 10.5 inches from top finished edge, mark the entire width from one side to the other. This is line # 1
  5. Line # 2- measure again 8 inches down from the Line # 1 mark and again run a chalk line ( or marking pen ) all across the width of the apron body.If you're confused you are making a mark from one side all the way to the other.
  6. Line # 3- again measure 8 inches down from Line # 2, mark as you did previously.

Now For The Big Pocket Moment !

  1. Fold your fabric on Line # 2 towards LIne # 1 ( right sides together ) press.
  2. Fold your fabric on Line # 3, the fabric will be wrong sides together to make this fold.
  3. So as you are looking at your piece, you've created a nice crease on Line # 2, you've made a nice edge on line # 3.

Don't get all befuddled, the pocket is being created : )

Just so you can get a look of this pocket, with the whole piece laid out on a table, bring line 3 UP TO Line # 1 ( it will of course fold at line # 2) OK, now do you see your pocket ? Good.

Hold your horses, we need to put the trim on the pocket edge.

  1. Now that you can see what goes where. Pin your trim in place all along the outside ( the part that faces you ) edge, sew it down.
  2. After the trim is on, press down both side edges 1/4 inch to the inside.Turn again and sew down.
  3. It's Big Pocket time- now bring Line # 3 up to line # 1, folding at Line # 2.
  4. Pin in place at sides
  5. Measure to find the center of the Big Pocket, mark. You'll want to sew here so you end up with 2 pockets.
  6. Now sew the sides down from top to bottom, this will finish off the sides of the apron as well as close your pocket at each end.
  7. Waist tie- fold your apron body in half, mark at right side center. this is where the center of your ribbon goes.
  8. Find the center of your ribbon by folding it in half, place the center of your ribbon at the center top edge of your apron, pin in place, sew along both long sides.
  9. Tie a knot in each end of your ribbon and you're done.

Great Job! You did it!

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