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One pair of very old worn out jeans and some fun cotton prints is all it required for me to create this gardening apron. I've been a houseplant lover for as long as I can remember. Have I killed a few? Oh yeah, in fact more like a few hundred. I finally got in the groove with violets of all things. Every woman seems to love violets and every woman seems to have a story about the severity of the kill of their beautiful plant. Well, I know a secret and I'll share it here. I only water my violets one time per week and each time I water I have a few drops of the liquid violet food in there.My violets may be able to win awards and I have beautiful flowers. So give it a try. You'll notice I have scissors to trim my houseplants,regular pruning shears are too big for tiny stems.

Clippings Gardening Apron

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Clippings pdf file
Clippings pdf File

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