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Out in the garden we have lots of fun. But it can get messy sometimes.

So an apron that we can use once and then throw away comes in handy. Who wants to have to wash our aprons all the time.

OK sometimes we don't mind.

But if you want to make things a little easier, try this disposable apron made from and old (or new) vinyl table cloth. It can sure be convenient sometimes.


disposable apron - the gardener

To Make Your Free Apron Patterns Disposable Aprons You Will Need:

  • Pretty plastic or vinyl tablecloth with a sift inside liner
  • 1 package of single fold bias tape for this sized apron
  • 4-5/8 inch buttons
  • 2 pieces of fabric that measure 3.5 inches x 21 inches for the neck ties.
  • 2 pieces of fabric that measure 4.5 inches x 26 inches for the waist ties.

disposable apron grid

Constructing Disposable Aprons The Gardener

  1. Look at the diagram and cut out the apron body
  2. Following the instructions that come with the bias tape, sew the bias tape all around the edges of the apron body.
  3. Tie Construction, starting with the short ends. Turn fabric to the inside 1/4 of an inch, do the same for the long sides as well. Fold pieces in half lengthwise and sewing closed keeping close to the edges.
  4. On one end of each tie fold the corners in to make an arrow shape. Place a few hand stitches to keep for a minute.
  5. Position the arrow end of your waist ties at the top of sides and the neck ties at the top corners of apron body. Pin.
  6. Take each button and with a double threaded needle sew down through the button and attach each tie to the apron body.

disposable apron - gardener close up

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