Free Apron Patterns - Double Duty Dishtowel Apron

Free Apron Patterns tries hard to come up with aprons that are easy to sew for beginners and a time saver for the more experienced.

This one is easy and inexpensive as it's made up of a fabric scrap or quilters block and 2 regular dishtowels. Throw in a package of medium to large rick rack, a big button, a 1 yard scrap of ribbon and you're set to go.

free apron pattern - dishtowel apron

Supply List For the Free Apron Patterns - Double Duty Apron

  • 2 dishtowels that measure 18 inches x 27 inches
  • 1 quilt block that measure 18 inches x 22 inches or fabric scraps that are equal in size.
  • 3-18 inch pieces of rick rack and 1- 6 inch piece for the towel loop.
  • 1 yard of 1 inch ribbon for the necktie.

free apron pattern - dishtowel apron

free apron pattern - dishtowel apron

free apron pattern - dishtowel apron

Free Apron Patterns Construction Instructions for Double Duty

Bib Construction for Double Duty Apron

  1. Press both long edges of the quilt block,press in 1/4 of an inch. Turn in again the same width and sew in place.
  2. On both shorter edges press in 1/4 of an inch to the inside. On ONE of the ends, turn again pressing well. Set aside.
  3. On the remaining short edge after it has been turned and pressed to the inside 1/4 of an inch, turn again to the inside 1.5 inches. You are creating a casing for your necktie.
  4. okay you have the top edge turned in 1.5 inches. Lay a section of the rick rack at the very top edge of the neckline and again at the 1.5 inch mark. Sew both lengths of rick rack on the right side along these lengths. If it's too much to fuss with at that casing edge do a baste first and then proceed to add the rick rack. Use a safety pin in one end of your ribbon, snake your ribbon through the casing.

Apron Body Instructions

  1. One of the dishtowels is the apron, the longest edge is the waist edge.
  2. Take the remaining dishtowel and cut it in half. Creating two pieces that measure 13.5 x 18 inches each.
  3. Take ONE of the halves and turn the now unfinished edge to the inside and press, turn in again to sew down. Prior to sewing this edge take the six inch length of rick rack and fold it in half and insert the ends inside at one of the corners. Now sew it down. Set aside.
  4. Take the remaining half and remove all of the sewing stitches that it came with when you bought it. Press the piece flat and divide it in 4 equal pieces, that should measure approximately 3.33 inches x 18 inches each. You are making the ties for the apron body. Take 2 of these lengths and with right sides together sew the short ends to make one long piece. Press the long edges 1/4 of an inch to the inside and then the short ends as well, now fold in half wrong sides together and sew down the entire length of the tie. Do this to make 2 ties.
  5. Place one tie at the corner top edge of the apron body piece extending outward, sew in place.
  6. Find the center front of your apron body by folding it in half, mark this with either a pin or marking chalk. Also find the center front of the bottom edge of the bib top. Mark this. Lay the wrong side of the bib on the right side of the apron body matching the center point. The bib will overlay onto the body approximately 1/2 of an inch. Baste together.
  7. Lay a section of the rick rack along this edge where the bib and apron overlapped, sew in place.
  8. Put your apron on.Look in the mirror to help you decide where to place the big button that will hold the towel. I liked mine more to the side,but everyone is different and you might like yours right in the center. Attach your button,hang your towel. What's for dinner?

free apron pattern - dishtowel apron

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