Free Apron Patterns - Flower Power Jean Apron

Anyone got a little "hippie" in them?

Let your inner "flower child" out with this cool free apron pattern. If you lived in jeans back in the 60's or 70's you'll know what I mean. I uses simple easy to find materials and goes together like a breeze. Hope you like it.


free apron pattern - flower power jean apron

Material Supply List for Free Apron Pattern "Flower Power Jean Apron"

Here is our latest of the Free Apron Patterns, this apron would be great as a cooking apron.

  • 1 yard of fun/colorful cotton fabric :)
  • 1 pair of old jeans-you're going to be using long sections of the legs so you will need jeans whose legs are not shredded.
  • Scraps of denim for flower pocket
  • 2 scraps of brightly colored cotton for flower center- 1 piece 4 inches x 8 inches, and 1 that's 3 inches x 6 inches.
  • 1- 3/4 inch button
  • Matching thread as well as a colorful contrasting thread
  • Some chalk or an invisible marking pen.

We strive to bring you apron patterns that are fun and also many that are easy to make, so that you can practice your sewing skillsmore often.

Free Apron Patterns Sewing Instructions for "Flower Power Jean Apron"

Apron Body - Cut a piece of fabric 30 inches wide x 26.5 inches long.

Waist tie - I cut 3 lengths that were 3 inches wide x 36 inches long.

To Make Tie - With right sides together sew each end of the 3 long tie lengths together to make one VERY long tie. Next fold in half lengthwise and with wrong sides together. Press the fold. Now sew all along the long edge as well as the end to close. Use a colorful thread as well as a decorative stitch if you like. The reason these ties are so long is because it ties to the front.

Apron Body

  1. Turn each side 1/4 of an inch to the inside, press, turn in again and sew down.
  2. Do the same for the hem.
  3. At apron top/waistband - turn to inside 1/4 of an inch,press. Turn down again 3 inches, press. Sew in place keeping stitching close to the edge. If you like use a colored thread or a decorative stitch. You have just made your waistband casing.
  4. At top edge of apron sew close all along the top edge using a colored or decorative stitch again if you like.

For The Pocket - draw a simple flower shape, my pocket is 7.5 inches across at it's widest point. Use some fray stop or an old paintbrush dipped in household glue to keep the edges from fraying.

Small Flowers at pocket center - there is one large outer petal and one small petal that makes up the colorful flower. For the larger petal- take your 4 inch by 8 inch piece of fabric, fold the short edges about 1/4 of an inch to the inside,press down, then fold the entire piece in half lengthwise and wrong sides together, press at the fold. Now run a basting stitch close to the open edge.

Do Not remove the needle and thread yet!! With the needle still in place slowly pull your flower into a circle. Work with it to give it some additional shape as well as consider folding the outside into turned down petals, etc, etc.

When you get the flower the way you want, stitch in place with the needle and thread that you still have attached.

Do the same for your smaller flower. Use the 3 inch x 6 inch piece of fabric.

Now place your small flower in the center of your larger one take a few stitches back and forth to get them attached, then take your button, place it at the center and sew it in place.

Next, place your colored flower in the center of your jean pocket and attach.

Back to the Apron Body - lay your apron flat out on a table. Decide where you want your jean pocket to go. I'm left handed so I of course wanted mine on the left, I also wanted mine angled so it was accessible from more of the side rather than the top. So I placed mine on the left and I angled it so that it was easy to use from the side.

So, place your pocket where you would like it, pin it in place, but make sure that you MARK with chalk or sewing marker where the opening goes. Once that's done, take your pocket back off and go over to your sewing machine. Using a decorative zigzag, sew a pressure foots width from the edge the decorative stitch ONLY where the pocket opening is going to be.

Once you've done that, pin your pocket back on the apron body, and sew it to the apron body, using the same pressure foots width from the edge as well as the same zigzag stitch to attach.

To Finish - take a good sized safety pin and pin one end of your finished tie, run the tie into the casing. Voila ! You did it.

I hope you have enjoyed another free apron pattern.It is my desire to continue to bring you more and better apron patterns,if you have a problem please use the contact form so that I can help you.

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