Free Apron Patterns - Four Blocks

Here's a simple but elegant apron,it's also one of our free apron patterns.

It comes from the idea of a patchwork quilt but it offers a far simpler design.

Of course you can mix and match any fabric that you like. You'll have lots of fun choosing fabric for this.



free apron pattern - four blocks

Supply List for Free Apron Pattern Quilt Block

  • 2- 18 inch x 21 inch pieces of fabric or quilt blocks. I used "Quick Cuts" which you can get at Walmart.
  • Pockets- 4 pieces of fabric 8 inches x 10 inches/2 of each color
  • Tie- 1 piece of fabric 4 inches x 72 inches
  • Thread to match and some contrasting thread for top stitching.


  1. Cut each piece ( block ) in half Now you have 4 pieces that are 9 inches x 10.5 inches
  2. Lay them out so you have a checkerboard, apron body equals 36 inches wide x 21 inches long.
  3. Now with right sides together join one top block with one bottom block, do the same to the other side.Use 3/8 inch seams.
  4. With right sides together again, join the two sets together. Make sure you line the blocks up nicely so your checkerboard looks like well, a checkerboard.
  5. Press all the seams open. On the right side run a decorative topstitch on each side of all the seams.
  6. At sides,and hem- turn 1/4 of an inch to the inside, press, turn in again and sew in place. Do the sides first then the hem.
  7. Turn top edge in 1/4 of an inch, press, turn in again and sew in place.

Pocket - With your 4 pieces of 8 inch x 10 inch fabric

  1. For each pocket - take 2 pieces of fabric right sides together, sew on 3 of the 4 sides. Leave one of the short sides open so you can turn.3/8 inch seam.
  2. Turn the remaining raw edge 1/4 of an inch to the inside, press.
  3. Now fold this pressed edge down 2 inches to the front of the pocket.Press the fold. Whichever fabric you choose for the inside, this will become the cuff that you turn to the front.
  4. Sew across the still open edge using your contrasting thread.
  5. Place each pocket all the way to either side of the apron, but 1.25 inches up from the bottom.
  6. Pin each pocket in place, sew on 3 sides DON'T sew your top opening closed : (
  7. Tie- Fold fabric right sides together, sew along edge and turn.Note: leave an opening so you can turn it right side out.
  8. Turn the tie to the right side, working the ends out well, press.
  9. Hand stitch to close or machine stitch if you want.
  10. Apron Top - Turn top down 1 inch to the inside. Sew close to the edge-remember you're making a casing for your tie it needs space to move.
  11. Use a safety pin in one end of your tie to work the tie through the casing.

Have Fun ! wearing your newest creation

Thanks Again for coming to see our Free Apron Patterns

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