Free Apron Patterns - Gardening Apron

Spending time out in the garden? Here's an apron that will help you stay organized out there.

What makes this apron fun is....


free apron patter - garden apron

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  • Apron Body-Medium Weight Cotton Duck Fabric- one piece 20 inches x 24 inches long.
  • Notions - 1 package or 2 yards- extra wide double fold bias tape
  • 30 inches of 1/2 - 5/8 inch fun trim
  • Tie/waistband - 2 pieces 5 inches x 36.5 inches or one piece 5 inches x 72 inches


Apron Body is 20 inches in length x 24 inches wide

  1. Sew your bias tape around 3 sides ( 2 sides and hem )
  2. You will in a moment turn the hem towards the apron top, do this now so you can see where your trim goes. Turn the hem towards the apron top 8 inches. Stop. Now you see that the inside of the bottom is where you will be placing your trim, so go ahead and add the trim.
  3. Then proceed to turn the pocket up 8 inches, pin the sides and sew them down.
  4. Find the center of the pocket and mark. Attach the remainder of your pocket trim now and at the same time you will be creating two pockets instead of the one giant pocket that you had.
  5. Tie- 2 pieces that are 5 x 36.5Place them together at the ends, right sides together, sew across. You now have a piece that is + - 72 inches.
  6. Press that seam open nicely. : )
  7. Turn both long sides under 1/4 of an inch and press.
  8. Find the center of the apron body, and the center of you tie.
  9. Lay the trim at the top raw edge half goes to the right side that's facing you, the other half goes to the inside. Pin down and carefully sew the entire tie closed being careful that you are catching both the top and the bottom edges as you go.

Go plant some flowers, you've earned it.

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