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Path of the Bee is a real eye opener, with the contrast of the bright blue and the lemon yellow.

The bright blue is cotton and the yellow trim at the ties is as well.

The flower is made out of felt and hand sewn in place.

I used rick rack in a very bright yellow and white at the hem.

This is a sassy little apron with it's bright colors and super flared skirt. There's no exact science here to make this dolled up apron.Enjoy yourself and no stressing allowed.

Path of the Bee

For the young or young at heart.

I'm including these apron pictures so that you can get some creative ideas for yourself.

Alot of aprons come plain and are nothing more than a blank canvas just waiting for you to dig through your scraps.

Use some of these ideas to to inspire yourself to create an apron that you will love wearing or one that shows your personality and flair.

What are some of the things you love to do? Is this a gift? Consider who will be wearing the apron and what the apron will be used for.

Cooking,cleaning,gardening,hostess?any holidays involved,favorite colors?

Spend a little time and give your apron some thought.

A yard of fabric is all you need for most aprons unless you want something that's really gathered at the top.

For that fuller look at the waist if you are a size 4-12, a yard is still enough.

If you're a bigger gal, try getting an extra 1/4-1/2 yard.

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