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Talk about versatile!

Here's a free apron pattern that can be used both front and back. Just flip it when you're ready for a new look... of if it gets too dirty.

free apron pattern - reversible apron

free apron pattern - reversible apron


  • Fabric - cotton fabric at least 45 inches wide, 1 yard of each color or print for a total of 2
  • Trim - depends on how many rows of trim you want at your hem and across your pocket top. For each row of trim at the hem area you'll need one yard for each row of trim at your pocket edge you'll need 8 inches
  • Matching thread as well as contrasting thread for fancy machine stitches


Apron Body - Cut one of each of your fabric choices - 36 inches wide x 23 inches long.

Trim - If you want trim now is the time to do iton my pink/purple side I ran one row of 1 inch trim 2.5 inches up from the bottom.On my yellow side I ran 7 rows of fancy machine stitching, I started 3/4 of an inch up from the bottom ( remember the hem seam isn't done so you need some space ) for my first row, each row after that was a presser foot width apart for a total of 7 rows.

Pocket - Cut one of each color 8 inches x 16 inches, at the top edge (8 in)


  1. Top of pocket is 8 inches wideso, turn the top 1/4 of an inch to the inside and press
  2. Now lay the pocket out flat so your looking at it.With right sides together fold the pocket in half. Press on the fold
  3. Slowly start to take the turned down edge back up to the top as you near the top you will be tucking approx 2.5-2.75 inches into the pocket top. You are making a cuff.
  4. As you tuck this into the pocket top you will want the width of the cuff on the outside and what you tucked in to match up. The reason is that you will be sewing this edge down and you want to catch both edges at the same time with your stitching.
  5. When you get done with folding, pin in place and sew along front edge at right side.
  6. Now is when you will want to do your trims just like the apron body.My yellow pocket has one row of 1 inch trim right at the pocket cuff edge. My pink/purple pocket has 5 rows of fancy machine stitching, one row is at the pocket cuffed edge, one row is a presser foot from the top and the other 3 rows are evenly spaced for the rest of the cuff surface.

Pocket edges - turn the 2 1/4 of an inch to the inside, press, do the same for the bottom - Do this for both pockets.

Pocket Placement - Use the contrasting pocket for each apron side. Position each pocket to either the left or right side of each apron body piece. I placed each pocket 7 inches from the side edge and 6.5 inches from the bottom. Pin each in place and sew around the 2 side edges as well as the bottom. DON'T SEW YOUR POCKET TOP CLOSED : (

Waist Tie - For each color, cut 2 pieces 3 inches x 36 inchesyou now have a total of 4 pieces, 2 of each color.

  1. With right sides together ( at 3 inch width ) take the 2 matching pieces of each color and sew a 3/8 inch seam, each tie will now be 72 inches long, minus the 3/8 inch seam, of course.
  2. On ONE long edge of each tie press to the inside 1/4 of an inch all the way around.
  3. Now place the ties right sides together, the edge you pressed under will stay open, but the raw edges will be sewn on the length as well as the ends. Use a 3/8 inch seam.

OK, you've decorated your pocket and your apron body, you've attached you pocket to the apron. Whew ! You've also prepared your waist tie. Go GIRL !

Drum Roll Please

  1. With right sides together and top to top and bottom to bottom. (in other words don't sew your apron/s together upside down)
  2. Sew around 3 sides, both the sides and the bottom
  3. Turn to the right side and work edges out nice and neat, now top stitch close to the edge on the sides. Press.
  4. At apron top run a gathering stitch (use neat med sized stitches so your gathers are even and small rather than big and chunky)
  5. Gather the top 17-19 inches (17 for smaller gal, 19 larger) smooth it nice and work the gathers so the ruffle is consistent. If you're sloppy here it's going to show when you're done so...
  6. Lay the waistband wide open, remember to place the contrasting color against each apron side.
  7. Take the gather top and lay the top close to the seam of the waist band
  8. Hand baste in place, you don't want this to wiggle away from the seam once you bring the top of the waist band down.
  9. Do your hand baste so the gathered apron top stays close to the seam.Now close the waist band down over the front and back of the apron body, PIN IN PLACE and smooth as you pin.Work those gathers now so they stay even and consistent.
  10. Take it easy and sew close to the edge catching both the front and the back at the same time.
  11. You can pull that basting stitch out now.

Press and enjoy

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