Free Apron Patterns Simple Sue

Simple Sue is right. This is a colorful, simple, pocketed Apron.

I especially like the polka dotted waist tie.

I'm sure you've noticed that this is reversible so you can go tame on one side and bold the other.

A splash of color is always upbeat, so add the splash to your pocket.

As always these would make a perfect gift.

Simple Sue Apron

Material supply list

  • Two different pieces of cotton that measure approximately 22 inches wide x 22 inches long. You can make the pieces wider or long depending on the wearer.

  • Two bright colorful squares of fabric that measure 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches.

  • One length of 6 inch wide x 62 inch long polka dotted fabric, again you can add for a larger wearer.

  • Thread to match

Sewing Instructions

  1. Turn the edges of your pocket pieces to the inside 1/4 inch and press
  2. Turn edges in again the same width and press well.
  3. Finish sew one of the angled sides.
  4. Position pocket low and slightly angled, see picture
  5. Pin pocket in place according to your liking,sew 3 sides to attach.
  6. Note:The pocket opening is the side of the square, not the top of the diamond shape, but rather the side.

  7. Place the two apron sections right sides together and sew around 3 sides, use a 4/8 inch seam allowance.
  8. Trim corners and turn to right side.
  9. Work out corners, top stitch around the 3 edges using a 3/8 inch measure.
  10. Run a basting stitch and gather the apron top until it is 18 inches, again adjust according to wearer.
  11. Turn both ends of ties to inside 1/2 inch and press well.
  12. Turn both long sides of tie to inside 1/2 inch, press all along edge and press well.
  13. Find center of apron top and center of waist tie.
  14. Matching centers,open out the pressed edge and lay the right side of the waist tie at the right side of apron top.
  15. Match one raw edge of waist tie to aprons tops raw edge.
  16. Working from the center outward pin one edge of waist tie to the apron top.
  17. Sew tie to apron top at previously pressed crease.
  18. Fold over remaining waist tie edge to opposite side.
  19. Match the position of the remaining ties edge with the sewn down edge.
  20. Pin all along length of both ties,finish sew entire edge including both ends.

You did it!

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