Free Apron Patterns - T Shirt Apron

This is one of the all time easiest free apron patterns on the site. Because this apron pattern uses a t-shirt for the apron body and gauze for the ties there is very little sewing.

The only sewing that you will have is with the pocket and attaching the rick rack edging. This is such a great way to reuse t-shirts that you might otherwise have tossed out.

free apron pattern

Material Supply List for Free Apron Patterns T-Shirt Apron

  • 1 clean extra large mans T-Shirt
  • 1/2 yard of printed gauze
  • Measure around your edge to determine how much rick rack you need I used the tiny rick rack.
  • Thread to match

t shirt apron

t-shirt apron

t-shirt apron

Constructing Your T-Shirt Apron

* Look at the drawing as well as the pics and cut and prepare your T-shirt.

Remember, no two t-shirts will be exactly the same size.

  1. For your lined pocket cut a piece of the gauze and a piece of the t-shirt - 14.5 inches x 7.5 inches.
  2. Place them right sides together and sew around all sides BUT leave an opening big enough to turn it right side out. Use a 3/8 inch seam.
  3. When you turn it right side out, press it well getting corners out nice. Now hand stitch the opening closed. Machine top stitch on all four sides of the pocket, close to the edge. You can use a contrasting thread here if you like.
  4. Place the pocket at apron body center and stitch around the 3 sides and finding pocket center, stitch to create 2 pockets instead of one giant one.
  5. Attach the rick rack all around edges except for at the neck.
  6. Ties- for the neck ties, you will have 6 one inch wide x 18 inch long strips.
  7. For the waist ties you will have 6 one inch ties x 36 inches long
  8. All ties are braids made out of the gauze strips. Because of this there is no need to sew edges down as this is part of the look.
  9. Braid your ties and make a knot on one end of each tie, attach- one long tie to each side of your apron and one of each short tie to the neck.

t-shirt apron

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