Free Apron Patterns - The Rose Garden


The Rose Garden Apron is hand painted with acylic paints, using a textile medium.

You can find textile medium at a craft store.

Just ask a clerk for it and tell them you are using acrylics on fabric.

Look for ideas in books and magazines or pull out your stencils.

Mix the medium with the paint and you won't have trouble with the paint getting stiff and brittle.

I made my apron, but you can buy a plain white apron at the craft store.

Prewash and press. Lay flat and lightly draw in your design.

Lay wax paper or cardboard beneath your apron when you begin to paint.

Try to find a place where you can work that you will be able to leave your apron to dry between paint sessions.

If you get a smear, just add another flower.

Rose Garden Apron

rose garden apron, close up of flowers


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