Free Apron Patterns - Tool Pouch for Him

Here's something for him...

Does your guy like to play with tools? Then this handy "apron" will hit the spot. Of course you may not be able to call it an apron when he's around. Just tell him it's a tool "pouch" if he doesn't get it.

Either way, he'll appreciate some of the little touches... like a holder for his tool shed keys.

Definitely worth a hug don't you think?

free apron pattern - tool pouch tool pouch

MATERIAL SUPPLY LIST For Tool Pouch Apron Pattern

  • Fabric - medium weight cotton duck fabric - 20 inches wide x 24 inches long.
  • Hammer Hoops - 2 pieces of same fabric 2.5 inches wide x 8 inches long.
  • Tie - 2 pieces of fabric 2.5 inches x 36.5 inches
  • 1 piece of elastic 4 inches- width depends on the slot at top of your clip
  • Notions - 1 package or 2 yards of extra wide double fold bias tape.
  • Key clip - 1 approx 1.5 inches long/make sure your clip has a place to run the elastic through so you have a way to attach it.
  • For the entire apron you could manage with a yard of fabric.


Apron Body - sew your bias tape around the 2 sides and the bottom.

Turn apron top down approx 3/8's of an inch to the inside, presswell. Set aside.

Take your tie pieces fold 3/8's of an inch to the inside one of the long sides, press. Laying the whole tie flat on a table,wrong side facing you turn the raw edge to the middle, press, now fold the first edge slightly overlapping the raw edge sew close to that turned under edge. Do the same for the other tie. Both of your ties are now closed except your ends are open.

Go back to your set aside apron body - turn the top edge 1 inch down to the inside, pin in place. BUT, Hold your horses ! At each end of this turned down top edge, slip each raw end of your 2 ties inside a good inch. Make sure when you do this that the seamed side of your tie faces inward. SEW ACROSS THE END, then sew along the entire length of the turned down top. Now your ties are secure and your top is closed.

Hammer Hoops - with each 2.5 x 8 inch piece of fabric make your hoops just like you did your ties only these will go down at the bottom of your pockets so after you get them done set them aside.

Clip Placement - Run the piece of elastic through your clip it will now be in half and it will have a 2 inch tab.Lay your apron body right side up facing you. Place your clip on either the right or the left ( is he right or left handed ? ) The clip will be 4 inches from whichever side you choose and 7.5 inches from the finished top edge. Attach your clip by sewing across the top of your elastic.

Pocket - When you create the pocket you will be attaching your hammer hoops at the same time so have your hoops at the ready! With the apron right side up and facing you again, bring the apron bottom up 8 inches. But before you sew the sides closed! Fold each of your hammer hoops in half and tuck the raw edges a good inch into that fold at the bottom corner of your pocket. You'll have 2 hammer hoops sticking out, one on each side. Now sew along the sides to close up the pocket and attach your hoops.

One More Thing - find the center of your big pocket by measuring across the front, mark the center and sew down through the middle to create 2 pockets.

You've Done IT!!

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