Free Apron Patterns - Vintage Christmas Stocking

A little matchy matchy for your new vintage Christmas theme.

Go all the way keeping the house filled with a yesteryear theme  this Christmas.

While your girlfriend scours the store for the latest, you'll be busy digging in the attic and trunks for moms doilies and saving money too. More for the gift shopping.

Just think, she's busy being a copycat and your gonna be way cool.

She's going to be sooo jealous.Na na na na na na !

 ;  )

vintage christmas stocking

Some doilies and found goodies and you've gone vintage

vintage christmas stocking tree details

String some seed beads and tiny seashell beads. Do add some sparkly beads.
Drape the string of beads to make it more interesting and secure with hidden threads.

Material Supply List and creation instructions


Red felt stocking

A vintage doily for the cuff and maybe a small one for the toe

Sew the doily to the cuff with a hand stitch at the top edge

I used some plain cotton duck for the Christmas tree and boxes

cut them out with pinking shears

Add paint,bits of ribbon and seed beads to make each one unique

Acrylic sparklly gold paint for the tree and box edges

A few different ribbons to make a bow or tuck a bow wherever you like

A special bead(s) for the tree top

Hang by the chimmney with care.

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

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