Free Apron Patterns - Vintage Christmas Apron

If you dare to go true vintage then this is the Christmas style for you.
I've made both an adult size and a kids size.
This is an authentic Christmas apron our moms use to wear.
Go ahead do some research and you'll have an ah ha moment.
As soon as you get settled, transfer the pattern and whip these beauties up.
I dolled up both sizes a bit differently, which translates to you need to have a little fun.
You can stay with traditional Christmas colors or go a bit retro.
I had some fun fabric that I used for the ties on the kids apron, so I pulled a few of those colors to create the slightly retro trees. These are alot of fun to make.
Here's where you get the chance to employ those oh so cute buttons that you know you love but never know what to use them on.
Maybe some little bells, santa faces, doves.
Use your imagination!
You'll have to check back tomorrow for the pattern I have to give the dog a bath.
Update: The dog smells better and the ordering info is below. Enjoy!

vintage christmas apron for adults

Notice the dangling light buttons. I strung them on a heavy bicolored thread.

vintage christmas kids apron

A little bit retro! both aprons large trees are the pockets.

The pdf file includes both the adult apron and the kids apron

Vintage Xmas Adult,kid

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