Free Apron Patterns - Plus Size Apron

Ladies, Free Plus Size Apron Patterns. I'm getting started with a series for all the full figured gals out there. I'm currently looking to create a wonderful vintage cotton apron like my Grandmother always wore. It had a full bib, and it came down long covering up her dress.

She could cook in her best clothes because her apron kept her well covered. I remember her apron being blue. She made the most wonderful homemade noodles and sour cream cookies.

free apron pattern - plus size

Funny the things that come to mind when we think of someone. I've tried many times to make the cookies but they just don't taste the same. My grandparents lived on a farm and had a few dairy cows.

I do believe my cookies will never taste like hers. Hard to compete with dairy right in your own yard.

plus size waist apron

Here's Another Free Plus Size Waist Apron

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