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sewing craft pattern - bag holder

Material Supply List

  • Bag Body - 1 piece of fabric 16.25 inches x 14.25 inches
  • Ruffle fabric - cut 2 pieces 21.5 x 7.5
  • Rick Rack - 2.5 yards of rick rack for ruffle trim and doorknob loop
  • Elastic - 1 yard of 1/4 inch wide
  • Thread - to match
  • Optional tools- tailors chalk or fabric pen

Instructions for Free Sewing Craft Patterns Bag Holder

  1. Starting with bag body-on both of the short ends (14.25) fold raw edges to the inside 1/2 of an inch,press.
  2. Turn in again 1/2 inch and sew close to the turned down edge. Take note that you are finishing off the edge as well as creating a casing for your elastic. This is why you want to sew close to the edge so you have room to run your elastic when the time is right. Set aside.
  3. Ruffle pieces - on each long edge fold to the inside 1/2 inch,press,fold in again 1/2 inch and sew close to the edges to finish each.
  4. Ruffles - determine which long side will be the top edge based on the design of your fabric if you have a directional print as I do.
  5. At top edge measure down 1 inch and using tailors chalk or the like mark all along this length. Lay your rick rack here and sew in place. Do this for both ruffle pieces.
  6. At bottom edge of each ruffle lay a length of rick rack here and sew in place.
  7. Return to ruffle top edge-run a gathering stitch and gather each to 16.25 inches.
  8. Measure 5.5 inches up from the bottom and mark this line with tailors chalk or a fabric marking pen, this will be the sewing line for ruffle number two.
  9. Once your ruffles are gathered place the first ruffle along stitch line of the finish casing. Sew following original stitching. As well sew the second ruffle in place according to the previous step.
  10. Cut two pieces of elastic 10 inches long, run one piece through the top casing and the other through the lower. Draw each to 8 inches, pin in place to hold.
  11. At top inside edge fold make a loop out of a scrap of the rick rack, hold this in place as you finish the seam below.
  12. Fold the bag right sides together,make sure the sides of each ruffle are pinned neat to the edges of the body so that the bag and all ruffle edges are sewn into the seam at the same time.

Use a 1/2 inch seam to close.

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