Fabric Scraps

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Fabric Scraps, you know you love them,but there they are piled up in boxes,bins and anywhere that you can stuff them.

Sometimes you even may try to throw them out but there is simply no doing it.

Trust me I get it.

I start out with a small flower pot that sits on the sill.I have this ridiculous notion that the pot will never fill.

It always does and I find myself trying to stuff more and more into the pot until I find that it is expelling quite silently it's most current guest.

I cannot bear to part with the pretty pink polka dot remnant that lines a favorite tote bag or the snippet of the cute owl and fox fabric that I found while purusing Etsy.

I promise myself that there is something that I can use them for,but what?

Year after year my storage has mushroomed to several totes full of these colorful evidences of completed projects.

I am happy to report that there are angels among us that sew and their priceless contribution to our craft has been to save the lives of our fabric scraps, and they have done a remarkable job.

God Bless Them

Below you will find nearly 100 uses for Fabric Scraps, many of which I had not previously seen.You will be amazed but more importantly you will be inspired.

Never again will you have to make those hard choices of tossing your fabric scraps as you will find projects in this collection that will enable you to use the tiniest snippet of a favored treasure.


Coasters   Cord Keeper
Covered Magnets   Hot Pads
Scraps Lampshade   Light Switch Plates
Mason Jars   Napkin Rings
No Sew Flowers   Patchwork Wall Art
Peacock Pillow   Picture Frame
Snack Bags   Scrab Bucket
Light Covers   Mug Rug
Baby Mobile   Cake Flags
Closet Tags   No Sew Basket
Ribbon and Fabric Garland   Scrap Map
Post It Note Holder   More Coasters



Bows   Embroidered Buttons
Feathers Dishtowel   Flower Brooch
Patchwork Towels   Scrap Binding
Scrappy Strip Rose   Advent Calendar
Home for the Holidays   Fabric Easter Eggs
Mini Ornaments   Easter Egg Garland
and More
Scrappy Pumpkin   Shamrock
Quilted Trees   Award Winning Necklace
Bibs and Bundles   Bandaids
Business Card Holder   Camera Strap Cover
Caravan Pincushion   Coffee Cozy
Altiod Tin   Diaper Strap
and Then Some
Dresden Petal Handbag   iPhone Sleeve
Envelope It   Eye Pillows
Fabric Lined Envelopes   Fabric Postcards
Fabric Stickers   Fortune Cookies
Glam Makeup Brush   Keyboard Wrist Rest
Keychains   Coin Purses
Little Birds   Mason Jar Covers
Mini Wallets   Mushroom Mug Rug
Eyeglass Case   Bookmark
Giftcard Holder   Ruffle Bib
Checkbook Cover   Ruffled Key Fob
Scented Pins   Scrap Bundles
Keep Going
Sewing Weights   Shoulder Pad
Sunglasses Case   Funky Sunglasses Case
Tissue Cozy   Make Up Bag
The Traveling Fool   Be the Sun
More Coasters   Fabric Bedframe
Fall Wreath   Cupcake Flag Toppers
The Final Hoorah!
Hot Air Balloons   Fabric Bracelets
Bobby Pins   Double Sided Headband
Flirty Bracelet   Scrap Piece Belt
Fabric Scrap Shoes   West Elm Knock Off
Spring Wreath   Quilting Bowl
Lamp Makeover   Earth Day

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