Kids Apron for the Young Budding Crayon Artist

After a bit of searching I found some Kids aprons specifically for the art of coloring. I grew up with crayons and coloring books and I'm sure many of you did as well.

While I found some darling crayon aprons there weren't any for young boys and both boys and girls will enter elementary school and crayons are always used in those first years of art class.

kids apron for boys and girls

Ruffles are always an easy way to dress up for girls, but with boys you want to look for fun fabrics and great trim. Zoo animal prints, sea life, airplanes and construction equipment are great for those first few years of school, and have a bit more of a big boy appeal, where puppy dogs and building blocks are more preschool age. There are many fabric choices out there and Joann Fabrics can be bought online. So if you want something special and you aren't finding it in the stores let those fingers do some searching.

kids aprons with crayon holder

kids aprons with crayon holder

This pattern is so easy that you could make these for the entire class, and remember all you have to do is change the fabric to make it for a boy or girl.

The sizes are perfect for a first or second grader, in the picture we stretched it over a small female mannequin so you could get a really good look.

If you have a larger child check out the other crayon apron that we have listed, again just change the fabric for your child.

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