Starting pre-k? make this inexpensive kids apron just for those messy, but oh so fun art classes.

A great pre-k kids apron,just for

those messy art classes.Save

 their clothes from paints and

 crayons.These are simple and

 inexpensive to make,so you

 won't break the bank and most

 of all you'll save your childrens

 clothes.The pocket will hold their

 crayons and pencils.

You will need:

* 1 18 inch x 21 inch fabric scrap,the fabric stores have fat quarters and other precut quilters fabrics that are this size.

* 36 inches of 1/2 inch cotton tape for the waist ties

* Colorful thread for top stitching and matching for everything else


pre-k art apron for kids

Sewing Instructions

1) Cut 2 one inch strips form the longest side of your fabric. This will leave you with a 18 x 19 inch piece.

2) Fold fabric in half, wrong sides together.Measuring FROM FOLD towards raw edges over 5 inches from top edge and from the raw edge corner measure from top down 5 inches. Draw a curved line to to connect the point of both easurements.

This is the armhole. Cut away this section.See diagram below

measuring to cut necktie strips

Measuring to cut necktie strips.Make sure you cut this from the long end!

after armhole cut

After armhole cut

Sewing Instructions continued

3) Fold bottom of apron to the inside 1/2 inch, press well.

4) On the wrong side of apron,measure up from turned up bottom edge, 7 and1/4
inches. Mark this on each side and in the center. Remember onthe wrong side.

5) Lay the apron flat with the right side up. Bring the bottom up and fold it where you can now see the marks you previously made, fold on these markings.

folding prek up to create pocket

Folded up 7 1/4 inches to begin creating pocket

folding back down, pocket created

Folding back down on top of it's self, creates the pocket

6) Bring edge back down until both bottom edges meet.You have just made a
pocket.Make sure the bottoms meet nicely and press well.

7) Sew along the top edge of your pocket, but do not sew it to the apron!.I used a decorative stitch on the top edge of my pocket.

8) When you are done with the top edge of the pocket, press and then do the bottom edges, pin them first so they don't shift around. This you do by going through both sections, not just the one like you did at the top.As well sew in the very center of the one long pocket to create to smaller pockets. Again I used decorative machine stitching in these areas.

9) Turn each armhole section to the inside 1/4 inch, press and turn in again to finish. Top stitch using a colorful thread.

10) Turn the top and side edge to the inside 1/2 inch and press, turn again, press well.

11) Prepare your neck ties by turning the short ends of the strips inward and each long edge to the middle to meet. Fold in half again and press well. Sew close to the edge to create each neck tie.

12) Cut 2 18 inch ties form the cotton tape-these are for the waist ties

13) You previously folded your top edge down and pressed. You will sew along the very top edge and again 1/2 inch down. When you do this hold one of your neck ties in the very corner going up and with each pass the neck tie will be secured twice on each corner.

14) To attach the waist ties you will hold the cotton tape in the corners going outward. Run two rows of stitching, One close to the outside edge and another 1/2 inch to the inside .

You Did It,yipee!

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