Kids Apron - Free Apron Patterns for the Little Members of the Family.

Here in the kids aprons you'll find aprons, smocks, and bibs for the little members of the family.

I really like creating cute stuff so check back to see what the latest inspiration is.

Because our smallest family member is a boy, I'll have boy stuff here as well. We all know that cute is easy for girls but boys need great aprons too.

I have completed an artist smock or bib for a little guy but need to double check all measurements and instructions before I submit them. I don't want to mess you up. I'll see if I can't get the pics posted so you can see what I'm talking aboutI also have a cute redo of a pair of overalls for a girl. For the kids it's great if you can get them use to aprons because let's face it clothes aren't cheap, and the aprons can become hand me down heirlooms, if there is such a thing. I of course think so.

Kids apron patterns - bunny

Enjoy these aprons and if you get stuck just send me a note in my contact form and I'll get back to you. I'm just a woman having a serious love affair with a sewing machine.

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