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Free apron pattern - little sweetheart


MATERIAL SUPPLY LIST for Little Sweetheart

  • *1 piece of white cotton fabric 20 x 13 inches
  • 1- 2 inch x 40 inch length of white fabric- it's ok if you have 2 pieces that are 2 inches x 21 inches because you could join them together- you won't be able to see the seam it's inside the ribbon casing.
  • Scraps of white, pink and red felt
  • 1.5 inch wide- 21 inch long piece of pink grosgrain ribbon ( mine is pink with white polka dots)
  • Narrow rick rack- 2 pieces 21 inches long each
  • 1 - 1/2 button- mine is red
  • White or coordinating thread ( you choose )
  • Disappearing ink sewing marker- extremely helpful
  • Pinking shears for heart edges optional

SEWING INSTRUCTIONS: for free apron patterns, child apron

  1. Apron Body - Press down 1/4 inch on both long edges of apron body
  2. Turn down again and sew in place
  3. Repeat this on both ends. This means that you will do the top, bottom and the 2 sides.
  4. Measure along top of your apron body for exact measurement, this measurement is to determine the finished length of your grosgrain ribbon casing.
  5. Take your grosgrain ribbon (again this is for your tie casing ) turn each end under and sew that turned down edge.
  6. Now, measuring 3/4 inch down from finished top edge of the apron, place the length of your ribbon along this line, pin in place.NOTE: The top edge of your ribbon length starts 3/4 inch down from top finished edge of apron body. The lower edge of your ribbon length ends 2.25 inches down from the top finished edge of the apron body. Ribbon should be sewn close to edge so as to keep the casing open. Don't sew the ends closed !
  7. At hem area measure 1 inch up from the bottom and mark.Attach one length of your rick rack all along the bottom, measure again 1/2 inch up from the bottom and mark and again sew the other length of rick rack.Voila- 2 rows of cute trim.

Hearts: Six Pink Hearts.

Do you remember how to cut out hearts from grade school ?- of course you do!

Here goes...

Cut 6- 3 inch squares, fold each one in half and starting at the fold cut outwards towards the open edge, then as you near the top of the halved square come back in to the fold, making a nice chubby half of a heart.

Open up and you should have a heart. (practice with paper if you need to) 5 of these pinks are for the waist casing and one is for the pocket.

Heart Pocket: Cut 1- 4 inch heart in red, and 1 - 2 inch heart in white.

GO SLOWLY !!! - Find the center front of you apron by folding it in half, mark it at the apron top edge so you can keep your eye on it.Starting from the center place one pink heart, then going outwards place the other 4 each slightly overlapping the other. Pin in place after you make sure that you are an even distance from each end. Mine are 3.75 inches from either end. If you have that disappearing ink marker you'll need it now. Find where the edge of the ribbon casing is under your hearts ( yes get a little touchy feely here)gently mark it with that special ink marker because this is your sewing line. Sew down hearts by sewing thru them and hitting that casing edge below. Remember the tie has to run through here so keep it neat.

Pocket: starting with the big red heart on bottom and ending with the white heart at top, sew around the edges of each heart so all 3 are attached to each other. Sew your button in the middle.

Pocket placement: You can put your pocket wherever you want, I put mine off to one side and a little tilted. Sew down at the sides only, remember a small hand is going to want to put something in that pocket so keep the top opened nicely.

Tie: Take your long strip of fabric, press the raw edges 1/4 inch to the inside, fold the short ends to the inside as well. Fold the entire length in half wrong sides together and sew closed at edge all along the length and at the ends. After you have finished sewing it closed take a safety pin and pin it to one of the ends, use this to fish the tie through the casing.

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