Mindy's Apron

An apron swap was born.An Apronista swap that is with Shawnee.
The theme for the swap was ruffles.No mention of how many and where,just ruffles.
I of course didn't want to use a premade pattern so I had to put my thinking cap on.
My partner was someone named Mindy and we no sooner were paired up and the emails started flying.
The sum total of those emails being,Mindy liked every color but didn't like peach and she loved bird prints and botanicals and extra long ties.Hmmm.
So I rumaged through my fabric cabinet and found a fun soda fountain print that I had been saving.
The rumaging and a trip to a quilting store with all of the best fabrics and I was ready to sew,but not so fast I needed to get my idea down on paper.
The trick for me was to give my swap partner something extra as well as something different.
I wanted the extra to be about Mindy,which meant a slight twist to the design plus great fabric.
So finding colors and prints that would appeal to her was number one,but I wanted something more.
Then the aha moment,two aprons! but how? One apron became two in a snap.
Hostess to baker.
Mindy's Apron pattern throws the door wide with possiblities and fun.

Needles Up Ladies,Lori

Purchase this simple to follow tutorial that will have you creating your very own Mindy's Apron in no time.

There are zero pattern pieces to cut out...zero.

I have created a tutorial that only requires you to measure and cut the body section and ruffles,simple sewing instructions are included to finish.

This is a perfect project for a beginner seamstress and easy peazy for the more advanced.

Would make a memorable gift.


Mindy's Apron

mindys ruffled apron

mindys ruffled apron with additional layer

Needles up, Lori

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Mindy's Apron pdf file

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