Free Apron Patterns - Plus Size Cooking Apron

Well if you find yourself eating a little too much of your "work" and perhaps needing a little extra room in your aprons, here's a pattern that can "fit" your situation.

I suppose all of us go a little "plus" from time to time and here's a simple pattern that you can make when you do.

Plus size apron patterns


  • 1.5 yards of fabric if you are using all one color
  • Here is the measurements for each piece - I love to mix and match and use scraps and with this apron I used a leftover piece for the body and a different piece for the pocket. The trim that I used on the pocket was a vintage cotton ribbon that was a bow on a Christmas present.

  • Apron Body- 28 inches wide, 20 inches long
  • Pocket- 28 inches wide, 11.5 inches deep/tall
  • Center Waistband- one piece 3 inches x 29 inches long
  • Tie Straps- there are 2 of these/ 2.5 inches x 25 inches
  • Trim- it's 1/2 inches wide and for the pocket top you need 28 inches and for the center of the pocket, you need 11.5 inches for a total of 39.5 inches or 1 and 1/8 of a yard.
  • Thread to match or not : )

Plus size apron patterns

How To Construct Free Apron Patterns Plus Size Cooking Apron

  1. Cut out all your pieces for your Plus Size Cooking Apron
  2. Pocket - With your pocket laying on the table right side up,find the center and mark. Take your short section of trim, pin in place and baste down.This is the trim that separates the pocket. Now press the top edge to the inside 1/4 of an inch,turn again to the inside 1/2 inch. Lay the decorative trim along the edge, right side,pin and sew in place.
  3. Next, lay the pocket on top of the Apron Body ( see pic) both pieces are facing right side up.
  4. Pin the pocket in place. Machine baste around the sides as well as the bottom use a 3/8 inch seam.
  5. Also pin at the ribbon trim at pocket center,
  6. Make sure that everything is smooth and there is no bunching.
  7. Sew down through the center of the pocket trim.
  8. Now turn the edges of the apron sides 1/4 of an inch to the inside, press well. Turn in again and sew in place.
  9. Do the same for the hem.

Because the pocket is so large it can get floppy, if it does just sew about 1-1.5 inches from the edge going towards the center. Do this on the trim at the top of the pocket.


  1. Take the center waistband piece - it's the piece that measures 3 inches x 29 inches.
  2. Measure 4.5 inches from EACH end, mark with a pin or tailors chalk. There is now 20 inches between these markings. After marking, turn each of the short ends to the inside 1/4 of an inch and press well.
  3. Apron Body - run a basting stitch along top edge, lightly gather the top until it measures 20 inches.
  4. Take the waistband center and the apron body, with the right sides together pin the apron top to the 20 inch section of the waistband center. You'll be left with two ears (so to speak) where the apron ties go in later.
  5. Now press the raw edge of the waistband center to the inside 1/4 of an inch. Bring that now pressed edge to the inside of the apron to meet up with the seam that just joined the apron body with the waistband section. Press everything nice and flat. Pin this waistband center down. Set aside. Remember those two ears sticking out. Just hold on you'll understand in a minute.
  6. Take the 2 tie straps- turn one of the short ends to the inside 1/4 of an inch and press, turn in again and sew down.Do the same for each long side of EACH tie strap.You now have two tie straps with 3 finished edges - one short end and the two long sides.So you are left with one raw short end.
  7. Go back to your waistband casing, take the now two completed tie straps and pinch the end of each one to place them inside the open ends(those ears) of the waistband center, pin them so they don't slip out.Make sure that the apron straps are facing the right/same direction. With everything pinned down nice and smooth, start sewing at one of the tie straps, continue across the waistband casing and end at the second tie strap.

Yippee, you did it ! Did you enjoy this one of many of our Free Apron Patterns?

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