Sewing Basics

A hand stitched hem

Here's How to Make a Super Easy Hem

  1. Turn your fabric to the inside 1/4 of an inch and press.
  2. Turn the hem up the desired amount. An inch or so will make a neater hem. If you need more taken up, consider cutting some off. Large hems do not look neat. Why go to all the trouble and have your work look sloppy. I do understand you may be trying to save clothes for hand me downs, in that case I get it.
  3. OK you're all pinned in place.
  4. Thread your needle with matching thread. I also prefer a double thread for hemming.

Get a look at my picture included here.

When you hem by hand you do not want the hem to show on the right side. So this means that when you insert your needle into the garment don't take up much fabric, go lightly. Your not stabbing a hot dog on the grill.

Take up a little fabric, as well when you come back to take a stitch in the hem don't go to deep into the turned down edge as your stitches will look sloppy.

Sloppy artists not allowed here. The evenness of what you do on the wrong side of the fabric WILL show on the right side of the fabric.

When you are finished, press and smile. Whew!

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