Sewing Basics - Simple Machine Hem

This is a sewing basics hem and by far the easiest hem you could ever do. It's suitable for a more utilitarian use. Aprons are an example and if you take a look so are jeans and alot of casual things.

Finer clothing will most likely have a serged raw edge and then the hem is put in with a blind stitch machine, some refer to this as a chain stitch. All of these are achieved with machines.

simple sewing machine hem

How To Do the Sewing Basics Simple Machine Hem

  1. Turn the raw edge of the fabric 1/4 inch to the inside, press well.
  2. Turn in again to your desired hem size. Be particular with your measuring as you don't want your hem to look uneven. Pin in place.

    You also don't want a hem that is too large. 1 inch is plenty. If you need more taken up it might be a good idea to cut some off as the finished work will not look neat. Remember also that if you are hemming slacks, that often the bottom of slacks are wider and as you turn them up to hem, if the hem is too deep you will get a puckering. Not a good look.
  3. Thread your machine both top and including the bobbin with thread that closely matches your fabric. If you want contrast at the hem use whatever color suits your fancy.

    I am assuming that you have pinned well and there is not some pucker thing going on.
  4. Start at the end of your work or in the case of a slack hem start at the inside of the leg so that the start and stop threads are less likely to be seen. Sew close to the open edge.
  5. When you are finished press or steam depending on you fabric.

Smile you look like a million bucks.

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