Let it Snow Snowman Apron

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Vintage apron patterns is busy creating goodies for you to enjoy,and what better time to give than Christmas.

Make a simple apron or pretty up a plain white apron for this project.

My fabric actually has a light glitter on it.

Straight from Joann Fabrics.

I found it in the quilting section and it is called " Silver on White". There is just the tiniest twinkle to the fabric.

let it snow apron front shot

let it snow closer picture of painting

let it snow apron step one of paint process

Draw a light line with pencil and begin to outline with the light blue paint.

Don't be afraid, no two snowmen ever look alike. The circles are not perfectly round so don't try to make them so.

let it snow apron painting progressing

Inside of the snowballs are medium blue dashes. Also at the hat there is a medium blue dash to give the hat dimension. Follow along with the shapes for each item.

closer detail of the let it snow apron showing painting and pocket

All that's left of your painting are his carrot nose, black dots for eyes, black dots for his mouth, twigs for arms and the scarf. The scarf is two different shades of light green.

let it snow apron attach tie to edges

The one piece tie. It includes the neck tie, the armhole area and the waist ties all in one. So easy to do.

let it snow apron sew on the one piece tie

Sew along both edges to complete.

Pocket Construction: 1) make two 8 inch circles.Place them wrong sides together and place 1 inch binding at the edge.

2) turn down top edge exposing other fabric color,sew on a decorative button .Pin to apron front and sew around edges leaving top open to attach.

Apron instructions: 1) prepare 1 inch binding to go around edges from the waist area down. Attach binding.

2) paint your snowman

3) attach your pocket

4) prepare one piece tie and sew in place

To prepare binding

I use a one inch wide yardstick to cut strips for bias binding. Go to my sewing tips and you will find the instructions for the binding.

One piece tie

To create the proper length for the obe piece tie. You will 15 inches for each neck tie, plus the length of the armhole opening, plus 25- 27 inches for the waist tie.

Add these three measurements together to get the total length needed.

I used a 2 and 1/4 inch wide x my needed length to create my one piece.

Fold each end to the inside, press and fold both long edges to the inside, press, fold wrong sides together along the entire length, press well. Pin and sew around both long and both short ends, voila your tie is complete.

Leave the 15 inches extended at the top for the neck ties and then pin the remaining to the armhole area, sew in place.

Attach your length of bright red ball trim to top.

  Cute huh!

Material supply list:

A simple white apron-make your own or buy a ready made apron

Measure across top of your apron to determine length of ball trim

Use scraps of fabric that compliment the colors of your snowman for the pocket, bias and one piece tie.

A decorative button or ornament

My acrylic paint color list included

light blue

medium blue,

sienna brown for the broom stick

goldenrod for the broom head

red for the hat

2 shades of green for the scarf

chocolate for the twig arms

black for the dotted eyes and mouth

I used a textile medium to dip my brush in.

So you can find it if you'd like. The textile medium is Delta Ceramcoat textile medium. The label reads that it transforms Acrylic paint into a washable fabric paint.I got mine at Michael's.

Merry Christmas !

Time for some hot cocoa

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