Vintage Apron Patterns, Old Fashioned Aprons "Happy Memories"

Material Supply List for Vintage Apron Patterns"Happy Memories"

vintage apron pattern happy memories

Material Supply List for Vintage Apron Patterns"Happy Memories"

  • 1 plain white kitchen towel the finished size of mine is 29 inches long, 20 inches tall
  • Trim- 30 inches of 2.5 inch pre gathered lace waistline- 30 inches of 4inch pre gathered lace
  • 3 1/2 inch buttons- for pocket *1 7/8 inch button for flower center* 10 inches of 2.5 inch wired ribbon for flower
  • Tie - options are: 2 yards of 2.5 inch ribbon or 2 pieces of fabric that are 2.5 inches x 74 inches each
  • Barkcloth or other vintage fabric- 1 piece that is 31 inches long x 9.25 inches tall.
  • Keep in mind when looking through your scraps that to get the look of a true Vintage Apron the material should be vintage or a nice reproduction.
  • Pocket- 2 pieces of fabric that are 8.5 x 14

Keep in mind that this supply list is based on the size of the towel that I had, adjust accordingly.

End of Material List for Vintage Apron Patterns "Happy Memories"

vintage apron pattern happy memories

Constructing Vintage Apron Patterns "Happy Memories"

Sew all seams using a 3/8 inch seam unless otherwise noted

  1. Making your waistband casing using your kitchen towel- turn the top edge to the inside 1.75 inches, pin and sew close to the pinned down edge. In addition you want to sew all along the new top edge, about a presser foots distance in.
  2. Placement of the barkcloth - With both the right side of the barkcloth and the right side of the towel facing you, lay the barkcloth on top of the towel. Turn the side edges under until they line up nicely with the towels edge,press. Before proceeding read on.
  3. Turn the hem edge to the inside about 1/4 inch and press well. Turn in again and sew in place
  4. Turn the top edge to the inside 1/4 of an inch and press.
  5. Now with right sides of towel and barkcloth up, place the entire piece of the barkcloth on top of the towel, pin along the top edge and the sides. BASTE along the top and final stitch the sides to the towel.

Placing 4 inch lace at waistband

  1. Lay the 4 inch lace all along the top edge of the barkcloth, turn each end of the lace to the inside 1/2 inch. Sew the lace to the fabric below at the top edge. You can remove the previous basting now.

Hem Lace

  1. Place the lace right side up 1/2 inch up from the bottom edge, turn each end of the lace 1/2 inch to the inside. Pin in place and sew down.


  1. Cut your fabric pieces, and placing them right sides together, Sew 3 sides leaving one short end open. Trim seams,Turn to the right side and press.
  2. Turn the raw edges to the inside, press. This is the bottom of your pocket.
  3. Press well, working the seams out. Lay your pocket on the table.
  4. Fold the top of the pocket down 4.3/4 inches, pin. Baste down both sides. Read step 5 before basting.
  5. Along the cuff edge I used a decorative stitch on my pocket. If you want a decorative edge. Place it on the right side of the cuff edge, then pin the cuff down again before the baste.
  6. Sew your 3 buttons along the edge prior to attaching the pocket to the apron body.
  7. Now with the apron lying flat out on a table place your pocket to the left or right as you desire and making sure to keep things smooth, pin in place. Left or right, up or down slightly is a decision for you, just make sure things are nice and smooth because you are sewing down through the barkcloth and the towel and you don't want a pucker in the fabric when you pick the apron up.Place a few pins in the surrounding barkcloth to avoid any shifting. Double check yourself.

Tie Construction

  1. Take the 2 lengths of fabric and press the short ends to the inside first and then press all around all edges 1/4 of an inch. Place both tie lengths wrong sides together and sew all around edges. Voila !! You have a tie.
  2. Use a safety pin to weave your tie into the waistband casing.

Come back from time to time to check out our ever growing Vintage Apron Patterns as we are adding as quickly as we finish.Ideas are always welcome so please feel free to contact me.

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