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Vintage Apron Patterns ! OK so maybe your grandmother would never have worn this, but... maybe you don't know grams as well as you thought. My great grandmother wore those thick black shoes and dresses down just past her knees. Grandma Teeter made the most amazing sour cream cookies and cherry pies.

She was a wonderful lady, but was overheard saying something in regards to the fact that her children were created the same way as ours. So maybe grandma had a spicey side.

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vintage apron pattern flirty fun

How About You ?

My sister Michele came up with this flirty eye turner so blame her if you think it's a bit on the steamy side. As you can see from all of the various styles on this site, it really is love in the eye of the beholder, not to mention we all wear them for different reasons.

I like the functional art aspect, but I feel certain that many people wear aprons out of necessity. When I'm browsing in stores and they have a few, many are a combination of fun and function. I surmise it's easy to see that we really don't need a reason. We just love them because they are an extension of us in some way. I doubt we care why we love them, we just do.

Flirty Fun is an apron that says, I'm fun and this is the real me. So I'm voting her in as the new vintage of our day.

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