Vintage Apron Patterns - "Valentines Day"

Valentines Day has always been a special holiday.

Love is in the air and it is electric. The possibilities

of the day leave many of us atwitter with anticipation and


Well how would you like to have an apron that is that much fun

all year long.

This is not any apron, this is The Valentines Day Apron just for

Those special occasions that you create.

This is a true reversible apron, the flair you see in the


is incorporated in the pattern. How many times have you bought

a pattern that has something about it, just something.

A swing, a flair, a look that lengthens the torso or legs,

but it does not show in the pattern. It is either clever photography, a rail

thin model

or ... who knows what, but it is not in the pattern and turns out to be a


shapeless blob of a thing.

The flair that you see on the Valentines skirt is in the pattern.

The design

of the waistband design causes the skirt to flair.

This is a true twirly,girly,romantic design of an apron.

It flairs,it is full and it is fun.

This apron will not go unnoticed by your girl friends or your

significant other.

This is a kitchen or hostess head turner of an apron style.It

seethes woman.

I created this design to accentuate the female form. Yes, I was

thinking love,

romance, passion and how great it is to be a woman and to look like


This is the apron that says all that!

The pattern has the style that you see.Not a model or the

mannequin, stuffing

or trick photography.Just a simple photograph taken by me to show

you this

most feminine wiles of style in a beautiful and lovely pattern

The Valentines Day Apron.

It has romance and a defining expression of the female form.

The Valentines Day Apron will not disappoint.

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Vintage Apron Patterns for Valentines Day

Vintage Apron Patterns for Valentines Day

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