Vintage Apron Patterns - "The Promise"

vintage apron pattern the promise

Vintage Apron Patterns, The Promise.Making this was great fun. I didn't realize how many little things I had tucked away to be a able to make this apron without going out and buying anything.

The hardest part was trying to decide which pieces to use.

Making your own Vintage Aprons from your family heirlooms will inspire you in a new way. Set your treasures free from the attic and let them be enjoyed by yourself and your family.Create a living memory from the vintage pieces of your gone but not forgotten loved ones. Share stories of your family everytime you gather for a meal.

Because we all posess different parts and pieces. This instructional will guide you using our measurements but your treasures.You will see how to transform your doilies,ribbons and pillowcases into a new treaure made from the heartfelt vintage finds of your gone but not forgotten loved ones. This apron pattern instructional includes sewing instructions to create  a vintage apron as well as a bride's money bag for your pocket. Treasures from treasures, a new memory for you to give to your family. Pattern purchasing instructions below.

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Promise PDF file

Until next time, have fun creating !!

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