Vintage Aprons Overview

On this page you'll find the beginnings of some vintage aprons. Creations using remnants and tid bits of found treasures. Look on the left navigation or click on the images to the right to see vintage apron patterns. Some are even free.

So start the search, begin looking and gathering all those goodies that you were never able to part with and that you never knew what to do with. Pile them high. Start with a base of an old pillowcase or dresser scarf, remember those? Get together buttons and lace and doilies and those hot pads that your grandmother use to make.

Petal Petals Apron

From belt buckles to broaches to the earring who's partner went missing.If it looks vintage or lacy or lovely, grab it and throw it on the pile. I even have a brides money bag for a pocket.Don't forget trim from old lingerie or evening gowns or even your own wedding gown. Turn those creative juices on high. Look at some of the patterns that I have here and let them be inspiration for your creation.

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